Testimonial from one of our Military Veteran recipients:

“I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Easter brought many Veterans and families having dinners either made for them or given the food to make for their families. This past Easter – I made over 50 dinners for people in the building I live in the one next door. I also had people in the smaller buildings joining me in making dinners in our area. Thank you so much!!!” ML

Testimonial from one of our recipient families:

“First, I want to truly apologize for the delayed email regarding my appreciation for the huge amount of food help me and my kids received just before Easter. It definitely was no indication of how grateful and thankful we all were!! Life has been challenging and I couldn’t seem to keep up with just basic daily tasks. Either way, it was truly like God handed us the food himself!

I literally was so humbled and SPEECHLESS for days!! We had just moved to our ‘new home’ where we were starting a ‘new journey’ in life. Our previous home was shared with my husband who paid the rent but he just up and left one day, with “no warning” or explanation and I couldn’t afford to live there, especially without him at least financially assisting.

It was a very traumatic time and to top it all off, I had just been laid off from my job weeks before we moved. I had NO idea how I was going to provide for my family because it was bills or food and it was such a stressful time. My spiritual mom asked if she could submit my name to a place for help with food so of course I appreciated her offer and said yes.

Well, the day it was delivered, was a day when God literally did immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine!!  Thank you soooooo very much for being the one the Lord used to answer my prayer for provision!

I have no idea if your organization helps people more than once, however, I am reluctantly inquiring if you do. If so, then how could I request food assistance? If not, would you be able to provide any resources of any kind of help I may be eligible for?

I will always be grateful and never forget that day!

God bless you”,  RC.

Feeding a family is so simple! 

When you donate, funds go directly into purchasing fresh and nutritious foods for our clients

We deliver one week’s worth of fresh and nutritious groceries  

$180 feeds 1 family

$360 feeds 2 families

$900 feeds 5 families

$1,800 feeds 10 families