To relieve poverty by providing food and other basic necessities of life to individuals or families who are poor, of low income or in need.



Communities free from poverty, where individuals and families thrive.



To support individuals and families who are poor, or low income or in need, with respect and dignity, in the best possible way, where we can and however we can.

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Our Values (and in this order)

* Love = anytime we do anything, we think of what we love about a person or a situation.

* Compassion = anytime we interact with others, our employees, our board, our recipient families, our volunteers, our partners, our suppliers, any stakeholders, we consider how great they are, what we love about them, how we care about them and how we can help and support them and make a situation a win win for everyone involved.

* Passion = anytime we think of helping others and the impact we have on their lives, we get excited and happy, we love others and want to help make their lives easier.

* Honesty = anytime we do anything, we are honest, truthful and clear about our thoughts and feelings, and ensure everyone understands our intent.

* Integrity = anytime we do anything, we finish it completely, when we promise or say anything, we ensure we deliver, we show up before the stated time and are ready to go.

* Respect = anytime we do anything, we treat each other, ourselves and any other person with dignity and respect.

* Happiness = anytime we do anything, every time we smile and think of how much we enjoy what we are doing and the people we are doing it with and for. Anytime we deliver food to those that are in need.

* Fun = Anytime we do anything, we enjoy ourselves and add a fun atmosphere to everything we do.

* Innovation = anything we do anything, we are satisfied with where we are at and always look for and are open, to a new way of doing something.

* Contribution = anytime we help another person or help a situation be better.

* Success = anytime we reach our goals, surpass our goals, learn new things, are in alignment with who we really are and being authentic and congruent.

* Growth and Development = anytime we learn new things about/within the organization, the industry, ourselves and otherour

Want to make a donation to help the growing number of needy families?